Oil extracting and processing industry: Now and Then

What we get to eat doesn’t come to our plate in an easy way. It has to pass through many procedures, and then the food becomes edible to eat. Food processing and producing industry are going through a revolutionary process since few years. Raw food ingredients have to pass many steps to become the final product. Now people are putting many efforts on food processing than food producing. If you don’t process your food in the right way, you can’t preserve it for a long time. So it is important to focus on the both producing and preserving factors of food.

A few years back people used to use the traditional methods of preserving and processing food. The traditional methods are freezing, drying, formulating, etc. But now there is a lot of changes in all sector of food processing and production too. Look at the oil extraction process. There are lots of noticeable differences in the oil extracting sector. Now oil is extracted with the large machine, and then for purifying the oil and separating the pure oil from the processing unit, different filters are used. These filters are known as pressure leaf filter.

You actually have no idea what technology has done. Technology has its wide touch in everywhere of the production and processing unit. Oil which are essential elements for cooking, fuel, and so many things, can be extracted into two ways. The first way is extracting oil from the oil mine which is situated in the underground of the land. Oils which are used as the fuel like petroleum, grease, octane, etc. type of oil is collected from the oil mine. And the oil which we use for cooking is processed from the natural ingredients like vegetables, animals, seeds, etc.

However, people a few years ago could extract only ten percent of oil from the underground, and the rest of the oil were preserved there. People, then, have no advanced technology and the equipment to extract maximum oil from the underground well. Though the procedure of oil was extracting was extremely tough and expensive. Now, with the advancement of the technology, we can extract 60 to 70 percent oil of the oil mine with the advanced equipment and technology.

The production and processing of the edible oil are completely different than the natural oil and gas extraction. The edible oil has to undergo lots of oil refinery process to become the final product. Here, you can also be thankful for the technology as the whole procedure is completely technical and the list of types of machinery used in extracting and refining oil is not short though. Now we can get the quality oil which is way better than the oil we used to have before.

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