Simple Ways to save cost for Your Car This Summer

We must all face the dreaded fact that the price of gas is going to go up during the summer months. I have found ways to help to lower my fuel bill to help me save money for those trips that I am bound to take during the summer. These tips work for more than just the summer months but it just makes more since to do some of them during the summer when it is hotter outside.

I live in Oklahoma, which is one of the lower paying states. The gas generally peaked to almost three dollars and all I could think about was that this was just another reason for me to do more about saving for my trips. If you are like most families then you probably use your car for almost everything which can put a dent into your wallet. Saving gas not only helps with your budget but it will also help to not pollute the air as much. So, let’s do all of us a favor and save gas while helping to not pollute the air.

When the price of gas started to rise, my husband and three of his co-workers started car-pooling back and forth to work. This saved them almost thirty dollars a piece and a lot of wear and tear on their vehicles since they take turns using vehicles. This also got me thinking about myself, during the summer months while it is nice and hot outside I could walk to the store which is only about five blocks from where I live. This would not only help me to save in gas but also help to shed off those few pounds and to get into shape for those bathing suit days.

Public transportation was also another thing that helped me and my friends to save money on gas. The public transportation in many city is only $1.50 to ride the bus and they will take you to anywhere that there is a bus stop. I found this to be an easy way for me to save money on gas. The city has also made certain days designated to saving the world by letting people ride the bus for free. This is usually broadcast on the news or in the newspaper. They also give free passes on days that we have heat waves so that it keeps more people off of the streets by letting them have free rides.

Riding a bike is something that would also help you to save on gas. If your children’s school isn’t too far away and they are old enough to ride a bike to school, then let them. This not only saves in gas but is also great exercise. Most schools have designated areas for the children to put their bikes. Children love riding their bikes, so why not let them do this?

Taking care of your car will also help you to save on gas. A lot of people do not realize that the air in the tires could play a role in their gas mileage. You should also take your car in for a tune up and to check to see if anything else is wrong with it. You might think that this would just cause you to use more money when it would actually help you to save money. Keeping your car running properly will keep you from having to replace parts that can be costly if not maintained. It can also cost you a good chunck of change when it comes to your gas and oil. When things are running smoothly they need less maintenance, which could mean that you are helping yourself to save money. To avoid any unwanted scratch and dirt on your car you should use car cover to cover your car when it is unused.

With all of these great gas saving tips, why would you not want to give it a try to see for yourself.

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