Umbrella Buying Tips

When buying an umbrella, there are a few things to know in order to pick out the right one for your situation. By reading the following article, which shares buying tips, you will have the knowledge you need to pick out the perfect patio umbrella.


Umbrellas are available in with either metal or wood frames. Metal and wood umbrellas usually open using different methods. Metal umbrellas will usually have a crank lift or push button tilt. These options allow the umbrella to be tilted in several different directions. Wood frame umbrellas will not rotate like metal frame umbrellas.

Tilt Tips

When it comes to umbrellas, there are three different tilt methods. The first method is the collar tilt. This is the most popular and simplest option. You don’t even have to leave your chair when using this style of tilt. Simply rotate the collar on the frame and watch the umbrella tilt. The second option is the crank tilt. With the crank tilt, you simply keep cranking the crank until you get the tilt you want. Lastly comes the push button option. Simply push the button and the umbrella will tilt.


An important buying tip is to take the time to determine what size of umbrella is needed. When purchasing an umbrella, it is important to get the correct size to shade your table or other outdoor space. A good tip is that your umbrella needs to be five feet larger than the area you want shaded.


There are many different types of umbrella fabric. You will find many vibrant colors and patterns of umbrellas. Most of these fabrics are weather proof and UV resistant. One popular fabric option is a fabric that breathes and will stay cool, even with the hot sun beating down on the umbrella. Many fabrics are color fast and are made to be mold and mildew resistant.

Great Gift Idea

Do you have a summer birthday? Ask for a beach umbrella. It makes the perfect accessory for a day on the beach. They come in a variety of colors and some even feature a matching towl!

A beach umbrella is a necessity for any summer trip to the beach. Children and adults alike can benefit from their protection.

Your search for the perfect umbrella will be made easier by remembering the buying tips and information discussed in this article. An umbrella is a fun and practical piece for your outdoor area. You are sure to enjoy the beauty and comfort that one adds to your yard. Check out our buying tips and then order one today!

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