Vert Shock VS Jump manual

As we all know different types of the training program are available online to improve the vertical jump and basketball playing skill but choosing the particular one could be tough for the people. It is really very difficult to distinguish which one is the best program available in the market because every program is advertised in a great way and claim to be the best. However, when I was under performed and was desperate to improve my basketball playing skill, mostly the vertical jump, I was able to check few of the basketball training programs. After trying a couple of programs, I was tired and depressed too because it could feel that the programs were not working well for me and I was just wasting my time and money. Then one day, I was browsing the internet, and suddenly a recent article about different basketball training programs popped up my eyes. From that article, I get to know about the jump manual. I instantly bought that program and followed it. I got a great result from the program. From then, I always keep my eye on the basketball training programs. Recently I have reviewed the latest basketball training program which has come exceptionally good. The new basketball training program is the vert shock. Here in my article I am discussing two different basketball training program vert shock and jump manual.

Jump Manual

Jump manual is one of the oldest basketball training manuals which was developed by the Jacob Hiller in 2008. Though the program is the bit old, it is also the most effective training program for improving the vertical jump. The jump manual is designed with many hardcore exercises. You have to do a really hard work to master the proper skill of vertical jump. The program is designed for the three long months. After completing the whole program, you will be able to increase your jump above ten inches. The price of the jump manual is lower than the most other programs available in the market.

Vert Shock

Vert Shock is a new basketball training program which has gained a lot of appraisal in a short time. I found the program most effective one among all the program available in the market. This eight-week program ensures you the most prompt result which any other program can’t. The program is so light that you will not face many difficulties to complete the whole program. The workout plans have designed very carefully so that anyone can get benefitted by it.

Final verdict

If you want to improve your basketball playing skill in a short time following the scientific method, you should go for the vert shock. Comparing to the price and effectiveness, it is now the number one basketball training program of all.

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