What is Eloquent Archives?

When you a running a business you need the best management systems to stay ahead in the game. As an Archivist, you will highly benefit from the Eloquent Archives, a mobile friendly archives collection management system. It helps you in every step starting from accessioning to online public access to the archives.

The base component of this archives management software provides you all the information you need to describe different types of resources and make them accessible on the Internet. It comes with a multi-level structure for RAD, DACS, and ISAD(G), which is easy to create as well as maintain.

Clients can access a plethora of digital content including PDFs, eBooks, audios, videos, flip books, large maps, websites and drawings using their mobile phone or browser of choice. The hard copy can be requested from the archivist against a database entry or automated email.

Two optional modules:

The Eloquent Archives management software comes with two optional modules – the Member Module and the Historical Timeline Module. The Member Module allows researchers to maintain their demographics, tag images with peoples and places names, leave comments about items (crowd sourcing), and several other benefits.

The Historical Timeline Module is a valuable and attractive public portal which can be automatically published and posted on the web and link back to the database.

Highlights of the Eloquent Archives management system:

•    Quick process backlog of the accessions
•    Define the professional standards for public use
•    Includes different types of digital asset (DAM)
•    Monitors the progress on public demand
•    Retrieve files from storage and keep a track

How to use Eloquent Archives?

After you download the Eloquent Archives management software, you simply need to run the software on your server or the Eloquent Cloud. The authorized users will get instant and round the clock access to the archives using their mobile devices or browser of choice.

Eloquent Archives lets you go public with some of your most interesting collections and process the backlog as time permits. You can add current events that attract public interest and create a dynamic source of materials. The selected materials can be automatically exported to the Historical Timeline, and this offers an important portal in the most relevant historical material.

Request a Free Demo and Technical details:

You can request a free demo or ask for technical details by filling up separate online forms available on the homepage of the Eloquent Systems website.

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