Why Choose Security Films over Tempered Glass?

There are different types of security window films are available in the market. People find the best suitable film for their house. These films increase the security of the house in a cost effective way. The installation process is simple and the cost is significantly lesser than the other solutions. The films are available in different colors and offer variety in patterns and designs. These films have become a cost effective replacement for the tempered glass. The use of tempered glass is always recommended but for those who cannot afford to have tempered glass, safety and security window film can be the solution. Here are some reasons to choose films instead of tempered glass:

Cost: The cost in the main factor. If someone can afford to have a tempered glass, he/she should go for it. Tempered glass always offers much benefit than the window films. Some of the tempered glasses are even bulletproof. But if someone can afford to have tempered glass, glass films can be the solution. The cost for the window glass films is relatively lower. Depending on the quality glass films can get the job done in about half of the price. So cost determines if one needs to go with tempered glass or window security films.

Installation: Tempered glass installation is relatively tough and needs professional support. Window films are easy to install. A homeowner can install the film on his own with ease. This reduces the total cost of the process. The installation process of security films is simple. Buy the materials and tools, clean the window, cut the films according to size, and attach the films. The peel stickers make this process even easier. The glued side should be peeled first and attached to the window. Then the other side also contains a peel-off sticker which should be peeled after one week or so.

Safety: Windows security films are less toughened than the tempered glass but they offer better security against broken glass. These films hold the broken pieces together in terms of explosion. So the people living near the glass is safer compared to the tempered glass. Tempered glass is tough to break. But the glass parts scatter when the glass breaks. This can harm people.

Strong glass: Window security films adds more rigidness to the glass. One can easily get a toughened glass with window security films for almost half the price of a tempered glass. A stronger glass means it is tougher for the intruder to break into the house.

Look: Window security films sit with the glass tightly. And if properly attached, these films are tough to notice. They almost look like tempered glass.

Customization: There are lots of customization available for this kind of glasses. One can easily peel off the stickers and use new ones on the same glass. For example, tinted ones that protect UV rays and normal stickers for the winter.

The main factor that drives people to choose films over tempered glass is the cost. If carefully chosen, safety and security window films can easily serve the purposes of tempered glass.

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